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Get excited about your future! You want to be a bartender? With American Bartending School (ABS) you can be a bartender in 1 or 2 weeks. ABS has been training professional bartenders since 1978. Our over 40 years of quality bartender training and thousands of graduates in the Tampa-St. Pete area is unmatched.

In our program you can learn the creative and artistic skills of “bartending” and “mixology.” The world continues to evolve and bartending and our training has evolved with it. Mixology has evolved and our program has too. From the latest bartending skills to new popular mixed drinks, learn the skills needed to be successful as a bartender and mixologist today.

At ABS, our students spend most of their training in our fully-equipped 45-foot bar learning the craft of mixing drinks. We focus our curriculum so that students can acquire all the skills necessary to graduate as job ready bartenders and mixologists.

When you visit ABS you will quickly see the difference in our program and our professional instructors and staff.

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