Job Placement

Local Job Placement

Since 1978 American Bartendlng of Tampa has been successfully training & placing thousands of bartenders (men & women) throughout the Tampa Bay and West Coast areas; in Bars, Night Clubs, Casinos, Golf & Country Clubs, Luxury Hotels, Sports Bars and Catering Events. We know what managers and owners are looking for when they hire a bartender. You will find in order to get hired today most establishments require bartenders to either have lots of experience they can document or have had professional training & received certification. Job placement assistance is available to all Graduates who request it. Bar managers and owners call us to request bartenders to interview to fill job opportunities; the job placement office is working hard acquiring job openings every day as well. If you plan to relocate to another state our placement office can help. We have affiliated locations all over the country to assist with job placement. We will be happy to call and confirm when you attended our program date & in good standing for job placement assistance in that area. This is a free service.

Nationwide Job Placement

Our bartending school has signed job placement agreements with schools nationwide.

Our graduates are entitled to use our placement services in any city where we have a placement campus.

With our nationwide job placement program, our graduates can bartend in Tampa, Florida or see the United States by bartending their way around the country! With our program, it's not a dream, it's an option!

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